Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Obama, Clean: Biden

Yes, according to Biden, Obama is that rarest of rare jewels; a clean black guy. In fact, not since the golden era of Bill Cosby's (Doctor Huxtable to you and me) immaculate and stylish sweaters and his enormous Doctor-money house with twenty-foot ceilings has America seen such a squeaky-clean black guy. He's cleaner than Flavor-Flav. He's cleaner than Huggy Bear. And he's certainly cleaner than Theo when he got his ear pierced by his buddy 'Cockroach' in less than sanitary conditions. The prime-time infection that followed captivated and delighted America, but also led some to the mental fringes of an ugly and marginalized question: Are black people just... dirty?

Democrat Senator Joe Biden thinks so. Thankfully, he's found one who never fails to scrub behind his ears, washes his hands before every watermelon, and only wears the filthy one-strap overalls with nothing underneath on special occasions, like during the manual acquisition of cotton from a vast field.

Let the word ring forth: Obama = Clean.

Thanks Joe!


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