Thursday, January 18, 2007

DISNEY Rumor Mill: Rapunzel Unbraided in Trouble?

EDIT: I notice in my stats that this article is getting some email-linked visitation from none other than our Disney Worldwide Services Inc. friends at Burbank. I don't know if they're sharing a laugh at the hysterical inaccuracy of it, if it's just an idle visit, or if I've somehow inadvertently released the coordinates to Walt's cryotube and now I need to be eliminated. In either case, I'd like to remind our readers that this is purely unsubstantiated rumor. I cannot verify it myself, and am not presenting it as fact. We clear? Nobody planning to sue? I will gladly remove it if requested/coerced. Ok then, read on.

Since John Lasseter's promotion to Chief Creative Officer at WDFA, word has it he's been shaking things up quite a bit. Which is only good news to those of us who have found Disney's animated output over the last decade less than inspiring. Many animators murmur that there'a a culture of creative stagnation at Disney, and are of the opinion that things need to be shaken up; the pond needs to be drained. New energy is needed.

As you know, lengendary animator Glen Keane is helming WDFA's Rapunzel Unbraided. Yet another bit of digital fantasy that promises if nothing else, opulent visuals. But the story?

Rumor has it Lasseter wasn't happy. In fact the grapevine murmurs that he was so unhappy with the results, that an exchange something like this took place: "Glen, you've done a lot of good for the studio, but the film isn't working. And if you can't get it working, I will have to pull it from you."

Yikes. If my sources are correct, Rapunzel could be in for some major retooling. I dunno what wasn't working, only that John wasn't happy. And what John wants, John gets. Hopefully this'll bode well for WDFA's future.


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