Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saddam Execution Video Draws Crits

The departure from this earth of deposed dictator Saddam Hussein was not as universally well-recieved as some had hoped.

"While the closure is more definitive than in, say, The Black Dahlia, the cinematography is pedestrian and the narrative somewhat transparent. "I knew where the story was going in the first few seconds" said shopkeeper Najib Mquakbar "and those masks certainly limited secondary character development!" Additionally, the lead performance, while certainly career ending, has received mixed reviews from "dictatorial" to "brutally dishonest" and even "limp" from one unsympathetic viewer.

Meanwhile, after an explosive start and a heavily disputed pre-production period, the US-produced sequel has its work cut out for it, amidst waning audience interest."

..."I hated the by-the-numbers, hackneyed contrivances. I mean, for crying out loud, a noose? A trap door? Why not just have him slip on a banana peel and fall into quicksand?

I was hoping for a twist ending, but no deviation from the formula here."


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