Saturday, January 13, 2007

First Air America's financial woes, and now Radiopower.Org is going under?

I gotta say I'm a little disappointed. In my long work days, nothing lifts me out of a mental stupor or bout of boredom like firing up iTunes, and tuning into the internet radio dial for a little of AA's or Radiopower.Org's patented mix of unadulterated lunacy and trembling, clench-fisted, red-faced class-rivalry rhetoric.

Since I don't have cable tv or subscribe to any newspapers, I depend on such outlets to provide my weekly-or-so dose of hysterical sputtering rage, and all the reasons why I should live in a constant state of embittered envy toward my fellow man. Also, why the money other people have should be made my business.

Alas, the fuzzy, through-the-air tv reception I get of CBC shall have to suffice:

Radiopower.Org signing off

The eerily androgynous Shelby LaPre's
farewell statement blames the station's demise on, predictably enough, oppressive big business interests (possibly sabotaging the station's efforts with atomo-rays beamed from MoonBase Xerxes), the free market, constructs like the 'homogenization of culture', and hell, maybe Pluto was in sagittarius for good measure. From the statement:

"It still troubles me that government and corporations are taking over the means
and methods that we use to communicate with each other, intellectuals, artists,
and every day human beings. I have done all I can for five years to present for
your consideration another method for us to get together and share this music
and have a meaningful conversation or debate. But alas, the grip of corporate
and government control is descending upon us, and on the entire internet, as
the thieves in glass towers make sure that no one can make ends meet if they
attempt to make it outside the corporate mold. What is the difference between
the struggle to keep radiopower going, and your local merchant's struggle to
survive the all devouring beast; Heil-Mart?...

...There is something very wrong here and it is devouring our entire culture. Nothing
is allowed except the corporate approved message, the corporate approved
culture and a government enforced society."

Which is of course, code for "Sorry the show sucked so dismally hard that we couldn't even secure enough listeners or sponsors to keep a freaking internet radio station alive and broadcasting at the slightly-better-than-tin-cans-with-string quality of 16kbps." I mean, seriously folks. If you don't have sufficient business savvy to keep an internet radio station on the air, Wal-Mart might not be your problem.

Another one bites the dust, January 5th, 2007. Dust off your black armband.


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