Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Political Necessity of Dead Babies

Like many, I was heartened to hear the recent development that stem cells once thought only retrievable from embryonic sources could now be safely harvested from amniotic fluid, supposedly eliminating the need for ethically 'dubious' harvesting of human embyros. Granted this is of limited benefit, since any manner of embryonic stem cells have yet to yield any tangible medical potential or benefit. But at least they'd have an ethically sound, politically safe way to harvest said stem cells now. Right? Surely the political class would be clamoring take advantage of it, right?

Well, no.

In a press conference today Senator Tom Harkin was quick to dispell any hope that we would no longer be destroying human embryos, since stem cells taken from amniotic fluid were 'not a replacement' and that 'research must continue'.

Well of course it must, as it must no matter what we learn. Because as always, 'research' was never the point. The point of course, is ideological. This is not about medical hope; but a vastly more pressing goal: Keeping alive, however reluctantly and by whatever avenues, cultural acceptance of the abortion ethic. If Tom Harkin were suddenly to burst out in praise of this new procedure, it would be disastrous. A plain admission of the moral tenuousness of this sort of research, and of the right to mutilate, dispose of and experiment on unborn human beings.

This is an admission that must not, will not, ever be made by any leftist. Don't wait for it, it ain't coming. Why?

Abortion is the ultimate expression of the leftist philosophy, and so must be maintained at all costs. It is a flawlessly faithful physical expression of the ideology of the leftist: That one person may be arbitrarily sacrificed in their wealth, property, rights or life for the comfort, well-being and expedience of a more powerful individual, leader, group or lobby. All hidden behind the pathetic rhetoric of rationalization, given voice by the state to the masses of the offended, inconvenienced, underpaid, unmarried, and endless arrays of the immature.

"Yeah well, you're making enough money."

"Yeah well, businesses are just greedy anyway."

"Yeah well, so I countinue to be financially irresponsible and had two kids out of wedlock. Why should my bad decisions have inconvenient long-term consequences while some guy who works his ass off and and doesn't have premarital sex hits the jackpot?"

"Yeah well, you're not technically human for another 40 seconds, so stab, puncture, and suction away. Hurry, the clock is ticking. Do it quick, before it turns into murder."

Whether you are insisting on the right to skim 40% of a paycheck, to confiscate a business, or to crush the skull of an unborn infant who would have all the legal protections you enjoy were it not still seconds from being born, all stem from the same root that insists on the moral rightness of raw force, provided it's administered in the name of an abstract, unachievable, social/economic equalization.

All the scientific, industrial, medical and economic development in the world won't erase the rationalization cries behind abortion. Above all things to the leftist, the ethic of sacrifice must be maintained.


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