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Friday, December 22, 2006

Politically Incorrect Animation Archive (vol.1) The Smokin' Flintstones

Before the days in which we had to protect children from Joe Camel, trans-fat and public Nativity scenes, animation and animated characters were used toward far more versatile ends. Granted The Flintstones wasn't regarded as a children's show at the time, but nowadays that thought of using any cartoon characters to endorse as much as fried chicken sends the average leftist into apoplectic fits, particularly since the ones I know (the perpetual-adolescent 'Adbusters' reading crowd) regards the mere existence of advertisement as an intolerable assault on their person; an indignity just a few degrees shy of being strapped down and probed with unceasing vigor by Venusian reptiloids that don't heat their instruments. Hence, the sight of Fred Flintstone lighting up does, I must admit, light a flicker of ever-so-gently subversive joy in this old heart.

"Winston is the one filter cigarette that delivers flavor twenty times a pack!"

Too true, Fred.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

We're back!

Yes folks, the laptop's gloriously fixed, we're gearing up toward a glorious Christmas holiday stretch, and N&N will start seeing regular udpates again.

It's been a busy few weeks for Nora and myself. I've been scramling to finish revision calls on a few recent screenplays in addition to full-time animation duties (Many kudos to Nora for sorting through the muck of editing notes and giving me a hand; "Yer invaluable sweetheart.") and Nora's been putting in overtime with some troubled youths under her charge, and doing some incredibly amazing work. It's been busy but worth it, even if it means we get home from work at 9, eat a preprepared meal, watch a few episodes of Corner Gas, then hammer out script revisions till midnight. It's a full life, and I wouldn't want it any other way. For now.

Hope you all enjoy the upcoming spate of updates; here's Charles Atlas to keep you warm in the meanwhile.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Hey folks,

As the power cable to Nick and Nora's laptop breathed it's last last night, updates will be slow in coming this week, thanks also to a crazy last-minute push going on at my studio right to get a show out the door. In other words, little to no blogging time this week!


But rest assured the replacement part has been ordered from Dell, and after paying an utterly fantastic sum of money (since all their parts are proprietary and not findable in any store) we should have it in a few days. Till then, hang tight and enjoy your week! We may be computerless, but at least the missus and I have a new Nintendo Wii to keep us cozy while the computer lies dead.

Hip-hip cheerio, and all that rot!