Friday, December 22, 2006

Politically Incorrect Animation Archive (vol.1) The Smokin' Flintstones

Before the days in which we had to protect children from Joe Camel, trans-fat and public Nativity scenes, animation and animated characters were used toward far more versatile ends. Granted The Flintstones wasn't regarded as a children's show at the time, but nowadays that thought of using any cartoon characters to endorse as much as fried chicken sends the average leftist into apoplectic fits, particularly since the ones I know (the perpetual-adolescent 'Adbusters' reading crowd) regards the mere existence of advertisement as an intolerable assault on their person; an indignity just a few degrees shy of being strapped down and probed with unceasing vigor by Venusian reptiloids that don't heat their instruments. Hence, the sight of Fred Flintstone lighting up does, I must admit, light a flicker of ever-so-gently subversive joy in this old heart.

"Winston is the one filter cigarette that delivers flavor twenty times a pack!"

Too true, Fred.


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