Monday, November 20, 2006

Mail from an NDP Council's Office!

With N&N in business only a few weeks, I awoke this morning to a frankly surreal email that left me feeling like Homer Simpson's Mr. X. I'm guessing I was on to something with this article...

...which ended up drawing a lengthy and none-too-pleased email reply from Matt Todd himself, who seems to have stumbled upon N&N while googling himself. (hey, who doesn't?)

I'll be posting the full contents of the letter in the next day or two when I've composed a complete reply. In the meantime, whet your appetite with these pan-fried snippets.

After disputing the merit of my points, Todd concluded with:

"While you mock my "magnificent sophistication of the leftist deductive process", after reading your post I am left wanting for something, anything that is remotely remarkable or sophisticated or even rational that challenges my arguments. If you have anything to offer the debate aside from than empty rhetoric, I'd love to hear it.

What is truly sad in your post, and your rude and disparaging caricature of me, is that you've clearly demonstrated a complete ignorance on the issue you're discussing and disregard for the very values you claim to champion. "


With all due respect, I wouldn't take it to heart, sir. Even Lincoln was widely caricatured in his own day. I run a blog that offers commentary on political principles with comic irreverence, (which is immediately obvious with a cursory glance at the content) built on the soundest of notions that the leftist as a species, cannot abide being laughed at.

On that note, I must confess I find it starkly astonishing that a tiny blip in the blogosphere would command the time and energies of regional statesmen and provoke them to outraged personal responses. I suspect outspoken conservative opposition to such policies is even more woefully underrepresented than I initially suspected, particularly since the rhetoric of pure buffoonery you describe above is hardly befitting of the attention and time of elected officials.

My writing style may be acidic, and I certainly strive to entertain with it. Believe it or not however, I maintain genuine respect for the positions of elected leadership. However, I shall speak frankly when I am vehemently opposed to policies I believe destructive, and the philosophies that inform them. A welcome service I should think, particularly since such views will certainly find no sympathetic exposure in our state-run media, and the vast majority of conglomerate news outlets.

Thank you very much for your time and attention, and considerable concern for the opinions of your constituents.



Blogger ferrethouse said...

He is a nobody. Don't feel obligated to engage him. Tell it as you see it. Make no apologies or excuses.

11:08 PM  

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